1. End! – My Thoughts

1. End! – My Thoughts

The very word ‘end ‘ haunts me whenever I am engrossed in deep contemplation.I have read and discussed about the ends of various matters. The scientific thought regarding different aspects eases me. But I find science to be a futile one when I try to reach the very end of the word end.

Does anything end? My fanciful thoughts hover around here and there and high above in the sky. But I find myself in a puzzled state when my fanciful mind brings me the question– the end of this sky and universe. I find myself helpless. With a spin in the head I find myself back in the realistic world. But the word with a question mark keeps me disturbing as an ant disturbs us when it circumvents into our ears. When I get in touch of the religious preaching I get light headed but still with the same question END.

Religions like Hinduism and Buddhism teach us that soul is immortal. The body perishes, not the soul. Ultimately a soul unites with the ultimate being. But does it end really? As this world is made up with amalgamation. Nothing is pure. Nothing perhaps ends merging with anything else. Then why to use the word end? A baseless word to use.

I get confused like the nonsense rhymes of Sukumar Roy. Whenever I start a voyage I feel it a resuming the voyage and not a start. At the same time I start to think the beginning of my journey. When did I start ? How long have I been travelling and when shall I end?

At this I declare that I am defeated to the word END. So I dare not end my writing I shall rather pause my writing!

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