Public Administration Notes

Public Administration In India

What Is Public Administration

A total definition based on public administration is however difficult because of the sheer number of duties that it is required. Marx defines administration as the action by which an intentional purpose is pursued. Some authors suggest that government related research falls under this category. A few others argue that only this executive aspect of governmental functions comprises public administration. In the next section we will examine whether the private administrative or public administration are closely related or have some overlap between them. The following are some definitions for public administration in general: according to L D White the term public administration entail a group of public administration that have for the purpose the satisfaction or the enforcement of public policies. Check out public administration in India notes.

Public Administration Notes


  1. Wilson’s Vision of Public Administration
  2. Good Governance
  3. Contemporary public administration
  4. Governance in the Indian Context

Theories Of Administration

  1. Marxist View on Bureaucracy
  2. Systems Approach

Accountability And Control

  1. Administrative Corruption
  2. Causes Of Corruption
  3. Systems Approach

Administrative Law

  1. Development and definition
  2. Delegated Legislation
  3. Administrative tribunals

Administrative Reforms

  1. Meaning, Process, and obstacles
  2. O & M
  3. Work Study-Work Measurement
  4. Information Technology

Comparative And Developmental Administration

  1. Riggs – Prismatic Sala Model
  2. Development Administration

Public Policy

  1. Citizens Charter
  2. Relevance of Policymaking
  3. Models of Policy Making
  4. Sectoral Policies Policy Formulation
  5. Policy Implementation

Financial Administration

  1. Financial administration and public administration
  2. Monetary Policies
  3. Fiscal Policies
  4. Resource Mobilisation

Public Administration – Mains

Paper – I

Paper – II

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