NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 3 Taro’s Reward

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English

Taro’s Reward NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 3

Taro’s Reward NCERT Text Book Questions and Answers

Taro’s Reward Working with the text

A. Answer the following questions.

Question 1.
Why did Taro run in the direction of the stream?
Taro ran in the direction of the stream as he was hot and thirsty because of chopping wood all day.

Question 2.
How did Taro s father show his happiness after drinking sake?
Taro’s father was delighted with the sake. After only one swallow of the liquid, he stopped shivering and did a little dance in the middle of the floor.

Question 3.
Why did the waterfall give Taro sake and others water?
The waterfall gave Taro sake and others water as Taro was not greedy, and wanted the drink for his father, which was a selfless act.

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Question 4.
Why did the villagers want to drown Taro?
The villagers wanted to drown Taro because they thought that he had tricked them by telling them that he got the sake from a waterfall.

Question 5.
Why did the Emperor reward Taro?
The Emperor wanted to reward Taro for having been so good and kind. He respected his parents and loved them selflessly. The Emperor wanted to honour him for this quality.

B. Mark the right item.

1. iii. the price of wood was very low.
2. ii. to buy his old father some sake.
3. iii. she wanted to tell the whole village about the waterfall.

Taro’s Reward Working with language

A. Strike off the words in the box below that are not suitable.
Taro wanted to give his old parents everything they needed. This shows that he was ………….
hardworking; honest; efficient

B. Mark the right item.

Question 1.
“This made Taw sadder than ever. ”
‘This’refers to …
iii. Taro’s inability to buy expensive sake for his father.

Question 2.
“This, said the emperor, was to encourage all children to honour and obey their parents. ”
‘This’refers to …
ii. rewarding Taro with gold and giving the fountain his name.

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C. Arrange the words below in pairs that rhyme.
young – lung; sad – bad; money – sunny; chop – stop; last – fast; wax – axe; could – wood; sound – round; way – day

D.  Question 1.
Fill in the blanks.
A young woodcutter lived on a lonely hillside. He was a thoughtful son who worked hard but earned little money. One day he saw a beautiful waterfall hidden behind a rock. He tasted the water andfound it delicious.

Question 2.
Find these sentences in the story and fill in the blanks.

i. This made Taro sadder than ever.
ii. He decided to work harder than before.
iii. Next morning, Taro jumped out of bed earlier than usual.
iv. He began to chop even faster.
v. Next morning, Taro started for work even earlier than the morning before.

Taro’s Reward Speaking and writing

A. Encourage the students to say the tongue-twisters aloud and then learn them by heart.

B. Question 1. The story ‘Taro’s Reward’ shows that Taro is thoughtful, hardworking and also wise. Read aloud the parts of story that show these qualities in Taro.
(Encourage the students to read the parts of the story that they find interesting.)

Question 2.
i. Like Patrick in the story ‘Who Did Patrick’s Homework’, Taro is helped by magic. Do you believe in magic? What are the magical things that happen in these stories?
(Encourage the students to come up with interesting answers.)
No, I do not always believe in magic because I mostly believe in logic and science. In the story, ‘Who Did Patrick’s Homework?’ the element of magic is the elf who helps Patrick do all homework. And in the story, ‘Taro’s Rewards’, Taro comes across a waterfall that gives him the delicious magical sake.

ii. Which story do you like better, and why? Do you know such stories in other languages? Discuss these questions in class. (Encourage the students to come up with their individual answers and have an animated discussion in class.)
Personally, I liked the story ‘Taro’s Rewards’ better because it teaches the values of selflessness and love. It also shows that hard work is rewarded sooner or later. I have heard many such stories with similar themes, which are quite often Japanese or Chinese.

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Question 3.
Now write a paragraph or two about these two stories, comparing them.
The first story ‘Who Did Patrick’s Homework?’ is about a boy called Patrick who saves the life of an elf from a cat. The elf grants him a wish in return. Patrick wishes that the elf should do all his homework till the end of semester.

But in the end, it is Patrick who ends up doing all the work, as the elf does not have any idea about how to do homework. In this way, Patrick changes into a hardworking and cheerful student. The story teaches us . that there is no substitute for hard work, not even magic.

The second story ‘Taro’s Rewards’ is about a young, hardworking woodcutter who wants to keep his parents happy and help them live comfortably. In this bid, he goes to the forest to chop more and more wood in the forest. Just when he is completely tired, he hears the sound of a waterfall. He soon realizes that it is a magical waterfall, and it gives sake instead of water.

He is happy to take the sake to his parents, who are delighted to have it. But the waterfall only gives sake to someone as selfless as Taro; to everyone else, the magical waterfall only bestows plain water.

The Emperor honours Taro’s qualities by naming a fountain after him and sending him gold. In this way, Taro’s considerate and thoughtful acts are rewarded. The story demonstrates that love leads to magic and great rewards. The power of love is unquestionable and extraordinary.

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C. Question 1. Listen to these children. What are they talking about?
(Encourage the students to come up with their individual answers.)

Question 2.
Work in groups. Come to some agreement on each of the activities given below. Decide which is the most interesting, dullest, most dangerous, safest, most rewarding, most exciting.
To me, the most interesting activities to do are fishing, dancing, swimming and mountain climbing (even though it would be quite dangerous). But the truth is that I would never in my right mind take up cooking, sewing or knitting because they sound boring and time-consuming to me.

Another exciting option would be to learn a new language, or collect stamps. In my free time, I often read or listen to music. In fact, I paint also, but my paintings often do not turn out to be the way I intend them to be. Also, the best form of exercise for me would be to play football. In this way, I not only get to spend time with my friends but also learn about teamwork

Taro’s Reward Dictation

Your teacher will speak the words given below. Write against each two new words that rhyme with it.

  1. bed: dead; head
  2. wax: tax; axe
  3. fast: last; cast
  4. chop: mop; hop
  5. young: lung; sung
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