NCERT Solutions for Class 11 History Chapter 10 Displacing Indigenous Peoples 

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Displacing Indigenous Peoples NCERT Solutions for Class 11 History Chapter 10

Displacing Indigenous Peoples Questions and Answers Class 11 History Chapter 10

Question 1.
Comment on any point of difference between the native peoples of South and North America.
Owing to difference in topography South Americans including Brazilians were hunters, gatherers, agriculturist and herders. They were simple people contented with their means while Spaniards and Portuguese both European nationals looted, cheated and made them slaves.

In North America, native people used to live in bands in villages along river while in South America there were institutions like Kingdom of Inca civilization, Maya Civilization and Aztec civilization were existed. It means, South Americans had organised society. Military force was used to conquer Mexico.

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Question 2.
Other than the use of English, what other features of English economic and social life do you notice in nineteenth century USA?
(i) USA was under developed economy in 1860 but within a span of 30 years i.e. it became leading industrial power in the world in 1890.
(ii) Louisiana was purchased from France, Alaska from Russia and more expansion done through wars.
(iii) People from Germany, Sweden, Italy, Polland started migrating to USA owing to one of any other reasons.
(iv) USA came into existence by the end of eighteenth century.
(v) A war between states favouring and against the slavery took place and slavery was abolished.
(vi) Europeans made native people landless.
(vii) Right of citizens not allowed to native people.
(viii) Justice John Marshall’s order providing native people (Cherokees) sovereignty was violated by US President Andrew Jackson and drove out them to be great American desert.

Question 3.
What did the “frontier” mean to Americans?
Fraction of land with USA and addition of new areas by her conquest campaign, the ever changing borders of the country were formed and those moving or ever changing boundries were called frontier.

Question 4.
Why was the history of the Australian native people’s left out of history books?
Reasons for not being Specific Historical Data
(i) European settlers and the native people interacted on the issue of land 300 years after the North America. They were displaced by the Europeans.
(ii) Early settlers here were convicts deported from England hence, unknown to the area and not literary persons.
(iii) Nothing has been written in American and Australian history text book about the native people.
(iv) It could possible from the decade of 1960’s that native people started keeping their records.

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Question 5.
How satisfactory is a museum gallery display in explaining the culture of a people? Give examples from your own experience of a museum?
Display of Culture by a museum gallery
(i) We find books on History, Research papers, surveys made by Historians and Archaeologists.
(ii) All remnants of pots and pens, apparels ornaments etc. we observe in Museum.
(iii) There are icons of the ancient periods, the theology in its, basic form (Tamralipi, Bhofpatra etc.) and coins and
currencies of different ages in the past.
(iv) Models of dialects, languages etc. are also kept in Museums.
(v) Decrees and orders passed by rulers in the past we can see in their original form only in museums.
When a museum is a treasure of all these things symbolising cultures of human-beings from pre-historic period to the present day, here remains no doubt in their function to display rumerous cultures. Eg. National Museum in Delhi.

Question 6.
Imagine an encounter in California in about 1880 between four people; a former African slave, a Chinese labourer, a German who had come out in the gold Rush, and a native of the Hopi tribe and narrate their conversation.
Encounter between four people—
(i) First Person (former African slave)
(ii) Second Person (Chinese labourer)
(iii) Third Person (a German in the Gold Rush)
(iv) Fourth Person (native of Hopi tribe)

First Person—Hellow! luckily we people different in cultures but similar when we say us aborigine or native people—have gathered here to discuss about our feelings and living manners. I would like to first introduce myself as an African slave. It would wrong if say Europeans are responsible for our slavery but our own people i.e. the African people.

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I was sold to Europeans at eleven and brought to Brazil and other parts of South America alongwith a number of other slaves. Those people branded us, chained our legs while working in forest for land clearing, cutting trees for timber, digging the land and all other agricultural operations. Small hutments were given us for living like animals.

Second Person—I am a Chinese labourer came from my native country i.e. China along with my several other brothers to Australia. I saw here native people were enslaved by Europeans after trickily, they were evicted from their own lands. I also was deployed to work on farms.

We were paid very less amount in wage and there were inhuman conditions of work. I saw about 90 percent of native people were dead due to such harsh conditions of work. Perhaps, China was consulted to send us as labourer to Australia by the EuropeAnswer:Thanks to the later years, when immigration of people from South Asia and South East Asia was banned due to colour discrimination.

Third Person—I am a German labourer. I came down in America from my native country when Holland, Germany, Britain etc. countries were running mad race to dig and obtain gold from the quarries in the North America. We in a group were brought to California. We had to work throughout the day and night except a few hours for relax and meal were given.

Fourth Person—We people used to arrange fairs to exchange handicrafts and food items not available in other regions. Europeans gave us blankets, iron vessels, guns and liquor. They would offer us liquor, make, us addicted to and dictate the terms of trade. They befooled us but we also made them addicted to tobacco. I shocked to listen to USA President, Thomas Jafferson saying that we are uncivilized people and as they had tired of making us civilized and decide our extermination.

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