Indian Economic And Social Development Notes

Economic And Social Development Of India Notes

For most of its independent history the economy of India followed socialist politician-driven developments including state ownership of many sectors. In the late 2000s, India’s growth reached 6.2%, which will double average GDP in the next five years. The world’s biggest priorities include social reform, infrastructure and national development in India. In 2018 India placed 77th on Ease of Doing Business Index. According to index of global economic freedom survey Index of economic freedom ranking India ranks 123rd. Check out in detail on the role of advertising in Indian economic and social development. India has followed the economic path of mixed economy.

  1. A Historical Perspective To Indian Economy
  2. Economic Drain And Introduction To Indian Economy
  3. Unemployment
  4. Economic Planning And Introduction
  5. National Income And Inflation
  6. Poverty
  7. Agriculture
  8. Industry
  9. Finance Commission
  10. The Reserve Bank Of India And Commercial Banking
  11. Foreign Trade
  12. Key Terms And Their Meanings
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