CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Language and Literature Paper 3

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Language and Literature Paper 3 are part of CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Language and Literature. Here we have given CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Language and Literature Paper 3.

Board CBSE
Class X
Subject English Language and Literature
Sample Paper Set Paper 3
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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Language and Literature Paper 3

Time: 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 80

General Instructions

  1. The paper consists of 3 sections: A, B, C.
  2. Attempt all the questions.
  3. Don’t write anything on the question paper.
  4. Read each question carefully and follow the given instructions.
  5. All the answers must be correctly numbered and written in the answer sheet provided to you.
  6. Strictly adhere to the word limit given in the question paper. Marks will be deducted for exceeding the word limit.
  7. Ensure that questions of each section are answered together.

Reading – 20 Marks

Question 1.
Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

1. Heart disease is caused by inflammation. And various factors could cause that inflammation. Blood cholesterol is not entirely blameless. There can be tiny cholesterol bubbles inside the arteries and they could cause heart attacks when they burst. But what makes them burst is still not clear.

2. What we do know, however, is that another spoon of ghee will not cause the cholesterol bubbles to burst. The researchers found that in every study they looked at, the lowering of fat levels in diets did not reduce the incidence of heart attacks, strokes or the coronary disease itself.

3. So, what should we, as Indians, take away from all this research? I am not the doctor. But speaking as a layman who likes reading up on this stuff. Here are some tentative conclusions:

  • Do not waste money on expensive oils unless you actually like the taste. Olive oil is the subject of huge scams (which I wrote about here a few years ago) revolving around its origin and virginity. It is not clear that it helps greatly in reducing heart disease. And in any case, there are many cheaper oils with many of the same properties as olive oil.
  • Do not get too bothered if doctors start telling you to give up red meat. This may make sense in American where beef has a high fat content but in India, chicken often has more fat than our goats. And you are better off eating goat meat (which is usually free range) than nasty industrial broiler chicken.
  • Statins are a controversial medical subject, so you should probably listen to your doctor and not to me. But here’s what I do know: the obsession with blood cholesterol levels is falling out of favour in modem medicine. The market for statins used to be $20 billion till recently. But after the American Heart Association put out guidelines suggesting to doctors that they prescribe them less, the market has dropped to $12.5 billion.
  • None of this is to suggest that you should give up eating rice or rotis and gorge on butter. If ‘ there is one thing I have learnt after years of seeing scientists change their minds, it is this:
    ignore the fats. The basic Indian diet was always okey with the possible exception of sugar (we may eat too much of it).
  • So pay no attention to the same people who tell us to use vanaspati (which is really bad for you) instead of ghee (which is fine), who try and control our red meat consumption and who shove too many expensive medicines down our throats.
    Minimise your fast food intake and eat simple and eat well. That, and a little exercise, should be enough to keep you going.

Question 1.1.
On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer any eight of the following questions in brief:

  1. What is the cause of heart disease?
  2. What have the researchers found?
  3. What is the subject of huge scams?
  4. Why should one not bother if doctor advises to give up red meat?
  5. What kind of food should be avoided?
  6. What are stains?
  7. What has been the guideline to doctor regarding stains?
  8. What has been advised related to olive oil?
  9. In para 3, find the antonym of’cheaper’.

Question 2.
Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:
1. Yoghurt is a natural source of protein, calcium and potassium, with a single serving of yoghurt giving you significant amounts of essential vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, vitamins B12 and B5, riboflavin, zinc and iodine. “Yoghurt is not a solution to all your dietary needs but it’s a driver to propose healthier habits to be as close as possible to the need to meet essential nutrients,” says Coupez.

2. For people who have difficulties in digesting fresh milk product because they are lactose mal-digesters, yoghurt is the best option. “Yoghurt is the safest bet among all milk products. It is rich in lacto-bacillus, the probiotic bacteria that work wonders for the gut, it aids digestion and lowers symptoms of diarrhoea and constipation,” says nutritionist Richa Anand, a consultant at Mumbai’s Dr. LH Hiranandani Hospital. “I recommend it for kids on a regular basis.”
Anand recommends having yoghurt with every meal, particularly for pregnant women, people who exercise heavily and those recovering from diseases.|

3. Danone’s lab in Palaiseau, France, has an intestinal-digestion simulator to test the survival of bacteria inside the digestive system. “To check the viability of the bacteria in different stages of digestion, the simulator mimics effects of saliva in the mouth and stomach and intestinal acids, to study influencing factors for the survival of bacteria in the digestive system,” says Jean-Michel Faurie, expert probiotics, starters and fermentation, Danone.
“It takes 1.5 to 5 years from tweaking a technology to make changes to a product or create a completely new technology and product altogether,” he says.

4. Weight Loss Impact: Yoghurt is also favoured by people looking to lose weight because it’s low-fat and if unsweetened, low-calorie. “There is usually no downside to making Yoghurt a staple part of your diet, but people who are obese, diabetic or have high cholesterol must go . to have Yoghurt made from skimmed milk,” says Anand.

5. Indrayani Pawar, a dietician at Hinduja Healthcare Surgical, Mumbai, says that there are several myths about eating Yoghurt that need to be busted. A common one is that it acts as on irritant for people with respiratory and lung problems. “People believe the sourness in Yoghurt induces cough and should be avoided by people with respiratory problems, but they are wrong. They should just have it at room temperature,” says Pawar.

6. Yoghurt being a great source of Class-I protein that is found from animals, and is great for pre-workout and post-workout consumption as it is easy to digest. “Pre-workout, have a small bowl of Yoghurt with muesli and post-workout, it can be incorporated into a smoothie with nuts, which gives you a great combination of proteins and complex carbohydrates,” says Pawar.

Question 2.1.
On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer any four of the following questions in brief:

  1. What is Yoghurt? Is it a solution to all your dietary needs?
  2. What are the benefits of Yoghurt?
  3. Is it good for people with respiratory problems to eat Yoghurt?
  4. How should Yoghurt be taken as per workout?
  5. For whom is yogurt the best option?

Question 2.2.
On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer any four of the following:
1. Yogurt is the safest bet among all ……………………. products.
(i) pulse
(ii) milk
(iii) cosmetic
(iv) medicine

2. It takes ……………… from tweaking technology to make changes to a product.
(i) 1.5 to 5 years
(ii) 6 to 8 years
(iii) 9 to 10 years
(iv) 11 to 14 years

3. In para 1, the synonym of important’ is……………………
(i) significant
(ii) disguised
(iii) fake
(iv) exquisite

4. In para 3, the word which means ‘pretender’ is…………………
(i) insulator
(ii) simulator
(iii) extortionate
(iv) exclusion

5. In para 5, find a word which means ‘bring around’…………………
(i) halt
(ii) prevent
(iii) hinder
(iv) induces

Writing & Grammar — 30 Marks

Question 3.
You recently bought a washing machine from Navrang Electronics. But there is some problem in the machine as it is not working properly. The rinsing and drying buttons are not working. Write a letter of complaint to the Manager of Navrang Electronics, Delhi and request him to replace the machine as it is still in the guarantee period. You are Manish/Mahima, 12 Ram Nagar, Delhi.


You are Gopesh/Garvita, the proprietor of an electronic shop in Ramesh Nagar. You have received a quotation for the supply of electronic goods from a wholesale dealer M/s Arora & Sons, Sadar Bazar. Place on order for the items with this dealer. Invent the necessary details.

Question 4.
Complete the story with the help of the given opening line. Renu was thrilled to notice that her friend Jyoti was sitting all alone in a party, whom she had not met for a long time……..


Complete the story with the help of the following opening line. Long ago there lived on the old merchant, Dholaram.

Question 5.
Fill in any four gaps by choosing the most appropriate words from the options given below
Designers (a) ………………… shops are concerned with the effects of information load. Information load (b) …………………. a product of the spatial and temporal arrangements of stimuli (c) …………………. the web store. (d) ……………….. must build relationships with customers to make money. The practice of Information design (e) …………. multiple skills.
2019-01-07 11_53_01-Sample paper 17.pdf - Foxit PhantomPDF3

Question 6.
The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the incorrect word and the correction against any four lines of the passage.
2019-01-05 16_34_03-Sample paper 16.pdf - Foxit PhantomPDF16
Parents plays a key role in a
children’s physical, mental and
emotional development. Parent
is the way parents nurture and
bring up her children.

Question 7.
Rearrange any four of the following groups of words and phrases to form meaningful sentences:

  1. prefer/in/season/choice/travellers/particular/a/travelling/their/of
  2. misty/mountains/rains/lure/during/the/looks/the/of/Daijeeling/magnificent
  3. mesmerizes/its/numerous/the/tea/you/place/by/gardens
  4. roads/one-in-a-lifetime/by/experience/tea/the/provide/Darjeeling/surrounded/gardens
  5. Himalayan/is/state/a town/West Bengal/in/ India’s/foothills/Darjeeling/in

Literature : Textbook & Long Reading Text — 30 Marks

Question 8.
Read the extract and answer the questions that follow:
Opposite to my flat was a single storied primary school along whose frontage ran a low wall some two feet high. On his way home, but never on his way out Mij would tug me to this wall jump on to it and gallop the full length of its thirty yards to the hopeless distraction both of pupils and of staff within.

  1. In which city was the author staying?
  2. What was there opposite to his flat?
  3. What was in its frontage?
  4. What would Mij do to the writer?


His ball went, I would not intrude on him, A dime, another ball, is worthless. Now,
He senses first responsibility. In a world of possessions…

  1. Who is T?
  2. Why does the poet not want to intrude on the boy?
  3. Where did the ball go?
  4. What lesson does the boy learn here?

Question 9.
Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each:

  1. What lesson do we learn from the life of the young Seagull?
  2. What is the Indian legend about the discovery of tea?
  3. How can you say that Tricki had an affluent life?
  4. What reason does Griffin give to Mrs. Hall for coming to Iping?
  5. Why does Chubukov suspect Lomov when he comes to his house?

Question 10.
Answer any one of the following questions in about 100-120 words:
Which twin obligations does Nelson Mandela mention? Why was he not able to fulfill those obligations?


What other interests, besides science did Richard Ebright pursue? What opinion did Mr. Weiherer, his social teacher have about Ebright?

Question 11.
Answer any one of the following questions in about 200-250 words: 10Describe the common trait between Peter and Anne that amused everyone. What did this show about the children?
What preparation did Anne make every evening before going to bed?
What is Helen’s favourite amusement? Where all did she get to enjoy it? What thrilling experience did she have?
Who was Mr. John P. Spaulding? What thoughts did Helen have about him?


Answer 1.1.

  1. Heart disease is caused by inflammation.
  2. The researchers have found in every study they looked at, the lowering of fat levels in diets did not reduce the incidence of heart attacks.
  3. Olive oil is the subject of huge scams.
  4. Red meat like meat of beef, lamb, etc. contains high fat which may cause heart attacks.
  5. Fast food should be avoided.
  6. Statins are a medical subject. Some doctors prescribed them for reducing cholesterol level.
  7. That they prescribe them less.
  8. That olive oil is the subject of huge scams revolving around its origin and virginity.
  9. Expensive

Answer 2.1.

  1. Yoghurt is a natural source of protein, calcium and potassium with a single serving of Yoghurt giving you significant amount of essential vitamins and minerals.
  2. Yoghurt is rich in Lacto bacillus, it aids digestion and lowers symptoms of diarrhoea and constipation.
  3. No, it is not good, rather it is an irritant for people with respiratory and lungs problem. The sourness of Yoghurt induces cough and should be avoided.
  4. A small bowlful of Yoghurt should be taken with muesli.

For people who have difficulties in digesting fresh milk product because they are lactose mal-digesters, yoghurt is the best option.

  1. (i) milk
  2. (ii) 1.5 to 5 years
  3. (iii) significant
  4. (iv) simulator
  5. (v) induces


Answer 3.
12, Ram Nagar
29th July, 20xx
The Manager
Navrang Electronics
Krishna Nagar

Sub: Complain about defective washing machine

Dear Sir,
This is with reference to the washing machine purchased on 15th July, 20xx. I bought a washing machine from your outlet at Krishna Nagar. Unfortunately the machine is not working properly. The rinsing and drying buttons are not working. I am facing a lot of problems due to this. Since the washing machine is under guarantee period, it is my humble request to kindly replace the machine with a new one. I have all the papers and the receipt of the payment too.
Kindly do the needful at the earliest I shall be greatly obliged to you.

Yours faithfully


M/s Gopesh Electrical s
Ramesh Nagar –
8th August, 20xx
M/s Arora & Sons
Sadar Bazar
Delhi-110006 .

Sub: Order for Electronic items.

With reference to your quotation no. Gs/1; 8/2016, we wish to place an order for electronic items as per details given below.

SI. No. Particular Brand Quantity
1. LED TV-21″ Samsung 10 pcs
2. LED TV-32″ Sony 10 pcs
3. LED TV – 42″ Sony 10 pcs
4. Window AC( 1.5 ton) Hitachi 10 pcs
5. Refrigerator (265 1) Samsung 20 pcs

We expect the regular trade discount of 15% on all purchases. Payment will be made by Demand Draft on delivery. All the items must reach in proper condition by 20th September in time for the festival season.
Any item found broken/defective should be replaced by you at the earliest at no extra cost.
I hope for a timely delivery.
Thanking you
Phone No: 9810514***

Answer 4.
Renu was thrilled to notice that her friend Jyoti was sitting all alone in a party whom she had not met for a long time. Renu approached her and she would play a guessing game with her. After a casual greeting Renu asked her to guess who she was. Jyoti looked a little bewildered and baffled and was unable to recognise her. Renu then reminded her of some childhood pranks that they had played together. Jyoti looked amused but still she was not able to recognise Renu.

It was only when Renu called out Jyoti’s name in an exasperated tone that the latter burst out laughing. She jumped in excitement and hugged Renu. The boring party suddenly became a memorable experience for the two childhood friends. They chatted like two school going girls for the next two hours. Soon everybody came to know about the two girls and the party wrapped up but not for them as Renu invited Jyoti to stay with her for the night.


Long ago there lived an old merchant, Dholaram. He used to work hard from morning till late at night, as a result of which he earned a log of money. With the passage of time he grew old. One day he decided that he would not divide his money between his two sons. But he would give it all to the one who proved himself to be wiser of the two But how to find out? He thought to give them a test. He called both of them and one rupee to each and asked them to go the market and buy something which will fill his house. Both the sons looked at him as if he had taken leave of his sense. The old man ordered his sons, “You should come back within a couple of days.

The first son walked through the market but he found nothing that would serve the purpose. He went on wondering but all in vain. When he was about to give up search in despair he saw a bullock cart with a load of hay. He thought how much hay he could get for a rupee. He went to the driver of a cart and bought the load of hay for a rupee. Then he led off the cart to his father’s house and found that the hay he had brought could not fill the whole house. The second son happened to spend his money on candles.

Then taking the candles, he came back to his father’s house. It was now getting dark. He placed three or four candles in each room and lit them. The house was filled with light. Father was very pleased with him and handed over all his money to his second son.

Answer 5.

  1. (i) of
  2. (ii) is
  3. (iii) in
  4. (iv) it
  5. (v) requires

Answer 6.
2019-01-07 11_51_39-Sample paper 17.pdf - Foxit PhantomPDF2

Answer 7.

  1. Travelers prefer traveling in a particular season of their choice.
  2. The lure of the misty Darjeeling mountains looks magnificent during rains.
  3. The place mesmerizes you by its numerous tea gardens.
  4. The Darjeeling roads surrounded by tea gardens provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  5. Darjeeling is a town in India’s West Bengal state in Himalayan foothills.


Answer 8.

  1. The author was staying in London.
  2. There was a single-storeyed primary school opposite to his flat.
  3. There was a long wall of thirty yards.
  4. Mij would tug him to the wall in front of the school, jump on it and gallop its full length.


  1. ‘I’ is the poet John Berryman.
  2. The poet does to want to intrude on boy because he wants him to learn from the loss.
  3. The ball went into the sea.
  4. The boy leams a lesson that he should protect and value the thing that he has.

Answer 9.

  1. We learn a very important thing from the life of young Seagull that parents play an important
    role in the life of children. In this lesson we find that Seagull’s family encouraged him to fly. It was shrewd act of parents which made him come out of fear.
  2. It is said that an ascetic was meditating. During his deep meditation he fell asleep. The monk did not like it. So he cut his eyelids and threw them on to the land. There grew ten tea plants. When the leaves were put in hot water they removed sleep.
  3. Tricki lived an affluent life as he had a rich mistress Mrs. Pumphrey. Tricki wore a little . tweed coat. He had a whole wardrobe of coats and raincoats. He had many beds and bowls.
    He was given to dozen eggs and many glasses of wine in the hospital.
  4. Griffin told Mrs. Hall that he had come to Iping with a desire for solitude. He did not wish to be disturbed in his work. Also, an accident had affected his face.
  5. Chubukov suspects because Lomov has come to his house in a formal dress. He thinks that Lomov has come to borrow money.

Answer 10.
By twin obligations, Nelson Mandela means the obligations towards his family and his people. Due to the policy of apartheid in South Africa he, like his people, was prevented from fulfilling both the obligations. In the midst of this lesson one comes across the obligation to the family and the obligation to the country. In the first type of obligation a man has to look after his family, children, wife and parents. He is supposed to work for their well being. In the second type of obligation a man has to fulfill it for his people, community and his country. We can fulfill them according to our capacities and abilities.


Richard Ebright was a great scientist. He had a bright mind to learn things. His social studies teacher Mr. Weiherer was impressed by Richard because he was very committed to his work. He used to put in three or four hours at night doing debate research besides doing all his research on butterflies and his other interests. He gave a new theory of cell to the scientific world. Inspite of his interest in science, he became a champion debator and public speaker. He was an all-round person. He was also known for his photography and showed his scientific exhibits. He had keen interest in collecting butterflies. His teacher Mr. Weiherer praised him very much. He called him a perfect man.

Answer 11.
Both Anne and Peter loved dressing up much to the amusement of everybody. Once Peter wore his mother’s dress and a lady’s hat. Anne wore Peter’s suit and a boy’s cap. Everyone laughed, enjoyed the scene and had a good time. This activity of the children was the only source of recreation for the two families. They lived in constant fear of being exposed which was coupled with the frugal life they were leading. All this was an indication of an immensely courageous spirit. No one cried or lamented for their plight. They kept all their thoughts focused on the future and went about their work thinking of a better tomorrow. The two children Peter and Anne never complained about or thought of the past. They felt very sorry for those Jews who could not make it and were exterminated by the Gestapo. In the light of this they actually felt they were better off than any Jewish children.


The residents of the Annexe would go to bed at nine o’clock in the evening. The beds would be pulled down, the chairs would be moved around and blankets were unfolded. Anne would sleep on the little divan which was not more than one and a half meter long. So chairs would be used to lengthen it. A quilt, sheet, pillow and blanket would be fetched from Dussel’s bed where they remained during the day.

Anne would go to the washroom after Peter and spend about half an hour there. She would clean herself, curl her hair and do a bit of manicure. She would then use hydrogen peroxide to bleach the hair growing on her upper lip. At half past nine she would wear her dressing gown and with soap in one hand, hairpins, pants, curlers and cotton wool in the other she would hurry out of the bathroom. At ten o’clock all lights would be switched off. At about half past eleven, Mr. Dussel would return from his night’s work in Kugler’s office and after a few minutes the Secret Annexe would settle for the night.


Helen tells the readers that reading was not the only pastime for her. Her favourite amusement was sailing. Miss Sullivan and she went to Halifax where they spent the greater part of the summer. They had glorious part of the summer. They had glorious sails on Bed-ford Basin, Me Nabb’s Island, York Redoubt and on the Northwest Arm. They went in a sailboat along with many others to watch the races. A black cloud drifted in from the sea which grew and spread and thickened until it covered the whole sky. The mind rose and the waves chopped angrily at unseen barriers.

Their little boat confronted the gale fearlessly with sails spread and ropes taut. She seemed to sit upon the wind. Now she swirled in the billows. She sprang upward on a gigantic wave. She was to be driven down with angry howl. The mainsail came down. They wrestled with opposing winds. The wind drove them from side to side with fury. They felt no fear because their skipper was the master of the situation. The large craft and the gunboats in the harbour saluted them as they passed them and the seamen shouted applause for them.


Mr. John R Spaulding was a Boston philanthropist and important benefactor of Helen Keller. Helen said that only those who knew and loved him best could understand what his friendship meant to her. He had been kind and tender to Miss Sullivan and her. He made everyone happy in a beautiful way. His loving presence made them happy. He used to take a watchful interest in her work. He used to make their work easy. Whenever Miss Sullivan or Helen was discouraged due to any difficulty, he was there to fight with the difficulties. Helen felt that his passing away left a vacancy in their lives that has never been filled. His death cast a shadow of gloom over her and Helen had never felt so grief stricken except at the time of her father’s death. He was a source of inspiration to everybody around him.

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