The Last Lesson Sample Questions CBSE Class 12 English

CBSE Class 12 English The Last Lesson Sample Questions

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English

Answer the following questions in very short 5×1=5

  1. Name the blacksmith who talked with Franz while going to school.
  2. What was there under the arm of Mr. Hamel?
  3. What was the colour of the coat of Mr. Hamel?
  4. Name the river mentioned in the text.
  5. Which church services are mentioned in the text?

Answer the following in about 40-50 words(any six):- 6×3=18

  1. Acquaint us with the background of the story.
  2. Tell us about the bulletin board.
  3. What had been very different about the school that day?
  4. What had been the surprise in the classroom people?
  5. How did Mr. Hamel dress and why?
  6. How was Franz in his task in the class? How did he feel?
  7. How did Mr. Franz blame his parents and himself?
  8. How was the imparting of the lesson that day?
  9. Comment on the ending of the story.

Answer the following questions in about 200 words. (any two) 6×2=12

  1. How is “language “put in this story?
  2. How does the story criticize war?
  3. Evaluate Mr. Hamel as a teacher and Franz as a student.
  4. How does the story create a feeling of sympathy and melancholy?
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